Transportation Funding

A long-term, sustainable funding source for transportation is critical for the continued economic vitality of Northern Virginia and for an enhanced quality of life for our citizens.

The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce supports the use of public funds and private partnerships to build and maintain our roads, rails and public transportation system.  We encourage local, state and federal officials to seek “outside the box” funding sources for transportation funding.

To compliment existing travel lanes we support the addition of high-occupancy toll Lanes on the Washington Beltway and on I-95/I-395 through the use of public-private partnerships. The Express Lanes on the Beltway add capacity and provide for new modes of transportation including buses and carpooling. Express Lanes on I-95/I-395 will enhance existing modes of transportation, build new infrastructure including Park & Rides, and deliver congestion relief with no new taxes or shifting of resources from other priorities.

We believe that funding for Metro should come from a combination of Federal funds and funds from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. A variety of funding sources, including user fees, should be considered in paying for Virginia’s contribution to Metro. A dedicated funding source for Virginia’s obligation to Metro would produce measurable and sustainable improvements in Metro performance.